Benefits and drawbacks of three renowned sex positions

Every adult in our time is willing to choose and engage in the most suitable sex position every time they have adult fun with their partner. They watch porn movies online with their partner and gain knowledge of how to enhance all positive aspects of routine sex life. They can take note of pros and cons of missionary sex position, man standing up and women lying down sex position and the cowgirl sex position at this time. They will get an overview about how to make an informed decision and clarify their doubts about different aspects of these leading sex positions. If you happen to be single and are still interested we suggest you search snapsex type dating apps to find others who are into trying out these positions with you. You can also view snapchat porn on these websites to gather ideas on how to execute these sex positions. Either way, you should learn how to do these renowned sex positions.

As a traditional sex position, the missionary position is preferred by many adults worldwide during the first-time sex with the partner. In the missionary sex position, a man lies down on a woman who lies down on her back for an intercourse. If you do not make any plan for sex, then you can choose this missionary sex position. This is because sex in this position requires less energy than what you have estimated. Once you have geared up for foreplay and intercourse soon after you get your sex partner in your bedroom, you can roll over on top of your partner and let your sexual organ opposite to her sexual organ for the maximum stimulation mutually. You can comfortably hug your partner and listen to her eyes for every sex move.

Do not forget that your partner and you have approximately the same height. Almost every man can get the utmost sexual satisfaction when they thrust in this position and woman experiences the highest possible sexual pleasure all through her physique. This sex position supports a couple to avoid noises in their bedroom when other people in the house. The main drawback of this sex position is boring for adults who expect something new and interesting in the sex life every time. Men get the maximum stimulation within a short time in this sex position and ejaculate within a couple of minutes. They get much difficulty while enhancing their efforts to stimulate her unless they have a specialization in foreplay techniques. They cannot lengthen the intercourse time when they increase the pace of thrusts in this sex position.

The man standing up and woman lying down is a leading sex position and suggested for all adults. You can stand at the edge of a bed where your partner lies down with her hips aligned with bed’s edge. The most important benefit for every adult who prefers this position for sexual fun is an easy way to lengthen the intercourse time without any difficulty. Many men who have decided to enjoy the intercourse for more than 10 minutes can prefer this sex position. They do not quickly ejaculate because they have sex in the stand up position.

If they thrust for a long time, then they can get the desired orgasm without any difficulty. They can use their hands and please her breasts in all the possible ways. They make sure that their sex partner can get the highest possible sexual stimulation and orgasm. They can easily notice that their penis slide in and out of vagina and get turn on as efficient as possible. They give pleasure to their partner in terms of the A-spot and cervical orgasms. One of the main disadvantages for men who have chosen this sex position is to bend at the knees so as to have intercourse with a partner. You may get tired legs when you try this sex position at any time. You can pull her hips off the bed and let her back on the edge of the bed. This is worthwhile to let her fold her legs against her chest and maximize the thrust as pleasurable as possible.

In the cowgirl position, a woman gets on top of a prone man. She straddles his hips for the best intercourse. Men and women can get the highest possible sexual pleasure from the beginning to end. Women have the overall control in this position and exciting adult fun. They may prefer up and down, shallow and deep or any other combination of sex moves as they expect. Couples engage in the cowgirl sex position require the highest possible energy and sexual stamina.

The most excellent foreplay tips to greatly please every woman

Many men and women these days are very conscious on their sex health. They are willing to improve their routine diet, exercises and other things for maximizing their sexual fun with their partner. This is because they understand how different factors directly and indirectly involved in the happiest sex life of every adult in the world.

As a man, you fall in love with the most exciting foreplay techniques used to please your partner before the intercourse. You can focus on the latest and successful guidelines about foreplay techniques at this time. You will make an informed decision and fulfil all your expectations on the most enjoyable adult fun all through hours of darkness as awaited.

The precoital massage is the best method to get enough warm-ups towards the main event. You can massage her from bottom to top and seduce her in all the possible ways. This is worthwhile to start massaging her legs from upper thighs downwards her ankles. You can go downward further in the feet, heels and every other point in the toes.   You will like to suck her toes when you make sure her hygiene in toes.

Many men misunderstand that they do not ask their partner about what turn her on before and during the foreplay. They have to understand the fact that every woman gets turned on by different factors. Many women get turn on when their sex partner talk dirty to them and seduce them by massaging in the gentle way. Every man with an interest to make every night as enjoyable as possible nowadays has to gain knowledge of how they maximize the foreplay quotient.

In general, every man can turn on as soon as he watches any porn movie, a hot girl or seducing activities of their partner indoors. On the other hand, women turn on after a long time they get seducing fun and foreplay activities of the man. This is advisable to improve the quality of the foreplay and extend your foreplay time in order to make her turn on without delay.

You may think about how to reduce the time taken by your partner to turn on. If you like and love her calves, butt or any other part of the physique, then you can gently touch, massage, kiss and bite as expected by her. You will be surprised how your simple efforts make her turn on and beg for the best sexual fun further. Do not forget that clitoris is the main place to consider and focus on while extending your foreplay efforts. You have to understand and remember that any direct stimulation of her clitoris is very painful to her.

Men who know how to find her G-spot and please her by stimulating her G-spot can make her go wild within a short time. They gently rub the clitoral hood and along the side of the clitoral as per the sexual stimulation level of their partner. They do not directly touch, rub and stroke the head of the clitoris. Once they have teased, licked and sucked on the clitoris, they leave a few couple of minutes and then start their foreplay again. This smart approach assists them extend their foreplay time and makes her pleased as long as she stays with them.

Every man loves to use the best tongue technique and take pleasure in the sex life greatly. They have to be conscious on how they use their tongue to lick her private parts in particular super sensitive area located around the clitoris. They use and recommend the figure -8 pattern to those who ask about how to drive her wild. They stop sucking when they notice the little button swells gradually. They expose every aspect of this area with their fingers and use the slippery in the underside of the tongue for circling it in the left and right direction. They regularly vary the pressure and direction of their tongue for licking her genital.

Every woman falls in love with the sexual push up from the man who is physically fit and sexually strong. If you flex your abs for your sex partner, then you will be happy and make her sexually pleased. The man on top position works beyond what you have expected.

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Best dating website for sex in 2017

It is just too frustrating not to have time to meet people either to have a relationship or just for fun. Some could be so busy with their work or career that they cannot sociably interact with the opposite sex. However, the body itself will always crave for something pleasurable. This is plainly the reason why people opt for dating sites. They think they could find a trustworthy person that they can have a date with and eventually hook up. However, there are some poor dating sites that a person could encounter and end up disappointed. So if the goal is to have sex, here are the lists of the best dating websites for sex or hook ups in 2017.

Xmatch is a free online dating site for those who wish to have a hook up partner in just a click. Both man and woman can register freely by just entering some personal information. This site will not ask about financial information since it is totally free. Only individuals 18 and above are qualified members. Xmatch contains legally aged adult materials. However, the site does not have a criminal screening of its member so it is really important to be careful when choosing a partner.

Xpress is a top-rated online dating site that is a hundred percent free. It is said to be one of the easiest online sites to hook up because it uses the latest technology. It is important to first create a profile before proceeding to browsing. This site has the largest options in choosing a partner. By just exchanging messages, one could find a sexual partner already without any hassle. Nevertheless, it is still advised to scan properly the person to interact with to avoid danger.

Adult Friend Finder allows everyone to sign up for free. It is one of the biggest sex and dating sites online with more than 75 million members. The site also contains hot photos of its legally aged members. Finding a sexual relationship or even just a quick fling is made easier with this website because it really saves a lot of time and effort. Just like the other dating sites, Adult Friend Finder does not screen any criminal background of its members so it is best to be always careful.

Free Sexting App

            This app specializes in sexting then hooking up. Free Sexting app is the #1 app for sex chat and adult chat and is a free sextexting app. Millions of users use this site to find each other and create a relation via sexting. If a connection works, they then try to meet up for sex.

iHookup is another online dating site that promises to give its members the thrilling physical attraction they crave. Unlike some ordinary dating websites, iHookup believes that physical attraction is important in finding a compatible partner. Thus, this site allows its members to see the other party, hear their voice and create physical intimacy between the two partners. However, this is a paid dating site and billing is required.

            JustHookUp is also a popular dating site for those who want to have sex. There is a free membership and access. There is no hassle in using this site and a lot of its members enjoy it. However, just like the other dating sites, JustHookUp does not screen the criminal records of its members.

There are pros and cons about these websites, but as long as these are used carefully, there would be no problem. These websites do not guarantee that once a guy enters his username, he could automatically get a partner. It still depends on the other person whether she is really interested or just not.


How to find gay men for a boyfriend?

Meeting a partner who totally gets us is quite a challenging task as we get older. All the more it is for gay people. You might not have met your right partner yet because they were busy hiding in the closet, or they are not open about being gay. Yes, you may have already lowered your standards for a partner as the year pass by but then again, settling for somebody whom we don’t click with is even more stressful, right? Plus, it just totally eliminates the essence of being “in love.”

Admittedly, things were quite easy when we were younger because we were more outgoing, more attractive, and more compromising then. We were carefree when we were younger because we have every excuse to make foolish decisions (including choosing foolish partners)! We can always say that a mistake is a lesson learned or that life is leading us in a different direction. But that’s not the case anymore when we grow older. Now, we have bigger obligations to take and we also have to think about our future and how we spend our coming years. We waited long enough for true love to come knocking our door and we already reached the point when we start asking if it will really be arriving anytime soon.

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Below are few places that can help you meet gay guys who can be your perfect match.

Dating Applications and Sites

It does not need a rocket scientist to figure out how to flirt on dating apps and websites. Sites like OKCupid and Gay are the two most popular dating app and if you are okay with it, you can sign up and create your own profile. Once you are done creating your profile, you can start browsing through profiles of other members.

For starters, it is best to put your best foot forward. Think of it as a job application wherein you have to make the prospective employer like you to a point that they will choose you. But, this does not mean that you have to “sell yourself” to just anyone. So, just like a diligent applicant looking for the best job, also carefully choose whom you should start flirting with. Try to get to know the person first by talking to him. Decide base on behavior and attitude and not simply on looks. After all, you are looking for a partner, not a hookup.


Well, almost everyone has a facebook account. This simply means that you can also make use of Facebook as a means of looking for a gay man partner. Aside from individual profiles, Facebook has groups where people with common interest gather and interact. You can join these groups and start screening for prospective candidates. Again, just like in dating apps, make sure to get to know the person first by constantly communicating with him. Also, if you already found your eye candy, make sure to study him first before you give love a go signal. Learn about him by adding him as a friend, then start by looking at what he posts and shares online. What he posts and shares say a lot about him as a person. Also, his posts would let you know if he has manners. Once you’re certain that it’s him that you want, well, you can drop the bomb and flirt all you can! Goodluck!

LGBT Events and Activities

Well, if the online community is not enough for you to find your ideal gay lover, why not join their events and activities. If you are not acquainted with these activities yet, you can use the internet or your social media account to search for LGBT activities nearby. Once you found these events and activities, know how to join and to become a regular member. Once you get access to these activities, you can actually meet gay men in person more often. This will also pave the way for you to become more outgoing and more sociable. The good thing about these events is that once you get to be one of them, you get access to all other events where you can meet even more gay people. Whether your gay or straight dirty usernames is the best place to find kik usernames and snapchat usernames.

Most people would say that we should not chase love and that we should for love to come to us. They would even argue that what’s for you will not miss you because they will surely find you. But well, there is always that other side of the coin which dictates that we be aggressive with what we want and who we want in our lives. For me, I believe in the latter. You cannot just wait for things to fall on your lap all the time. More often than not, we have to find and get what we want if we want it bad enough.